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Luxury 2-4 Bed Apartments with Breathtaking views

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    Reem One

    Comfortable Lifestyle in your dream home

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      Luxury Lifestyle

      Designed to Enlighten your mood

      Reem One

      We know life can be stressful at times, that’s why we thought it wise to bring to you an ideal home with lush green vegetation and with a perfect beach-life.

      2,3 & 4 Bed Apartments

      Starting Price:

      AED 2.1M

      Payment Plan

      Post Handover Payment Plan

      Down Payment:


      Relaxing Environment

      Sensible Elegant Living

      Homes filled with the best Luxurious Amenities you could think of in the market.

      The best of both Worlds

      Reem One-SaasCouple Kayaking

      Nearby Areas

      Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
      Cleveland Clinic

      5 Minutes

      Louvre Abu Dhabi not far from Reem One
      Louvre Abu Dhabi

      15 Minutes

      Yas Marina Circuit
      Yas Marina Circuit

      30 Minutes